Colligan Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory (CCDL)

Established as the Molecular Diagnostic Lab (MDL), thanks to the generous support of donors, we have new facilities and use the name Colligan Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory (CCDL).

Our vision for the Colligan Clinical Diagnostic Lab (CCDL) is to translate UC Santa Cruz’s cutting-edge genomic research tools into clinical care. The laboratory space at the Westside Research Park was established in 2020 to support COVID-19 testing. Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative is currently facilitating its planned transition to pediatric genomics diagnostics.

We believe that incorporating our analyses of tumors into early diagnostic care for rare and hard-to-treat cancers and diseases could save lives.

Creating a diagnostic lab on campus will be a multi-step process, but thankfully generous funding from Bud and Rebecca Colligan has allowed us to build our next-generation facility. Next steps include developing and validating a Pediatric Cancer Genomics assay for clinical diagnostic testing.

Want to help us toward our goal of defeating childhood cancer? Donate to Treehouse!

Our Work in the Covid-19 Recovery Effort

The Colligan Clinical Diagnostic Lab is proud to have assisted in the Covid-19 recovery effort. We were still in the early stages of planning a diagnostic lab when the pandemic hit. Through our regular testing efforts, we were able to prevent community spread of the virus on campus and provide testing for critical county partners.

Proud to have done our part to increase COVID-19 diagnostic testing capacity in Santa Cruz